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The Beauty Behind Melanated Rich?


Melanated Rich is you! And you are Melanated Rich! You are Rich in Color, living in an Abundance of Great Comfort and experiencing exceptionally Extravagant quality products and services made for you with you in mind. 

Hello, my name is Avonda Anderson-Tony and I am the owner of Melanated Rich Luxury Beauty Boutique.  The vision behind the boutique was a mix of things I have seen while traveling and living around the world. We are based in my hometown of St. Louis, MO in the revived Cherokee Business District on the City's South Side. Opening our brick and mortar store August 14,2016. Mother of two and living my dreams in color and out loud! 

We are on a mission to bringing you the best natural and organic personal care products. We are here to celebrate the Melanated. Products that you do not have to question, is this for my skin and is this for my hair? Because here the answer is Yes, its all for you! 

As a mother I want to teach my children that they belong and have a place in this thing we call life. Sometimes it is not fair but its what you make it. You can be and do anything you want to, as long as you have definite of purpose. And our number one purpose is to bring you a new luxury beauty experience enabling you to define and be your own kind of beautiful.

Some of the services we offer are makeup services, sew-in's and quick weaves, manicures and polish changes , lashes and brows. Product categories are Hair, Skin Nails and Cosmetics. 

We look forward to serving your beauty care needs and your one stop shop for all things beautiful. 

Welcome to The Rich Life! 



Owner, Melanated Rich

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