Mini Metal Cosmetic Retractable Lip Brush

Mini Metal Cosmetic Retractable Lip Brush

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Lipstick makeup tool, it can make lip contour clear and lipstick fullness

Telescopic design is easy to carry 

Alloy material is light

Note: the Color will be sent by randomly, pls do not choose color,Thank you.



1. After use, use tissue to wipe off excess residue of cosmetics on lip brush.

2. Wash the lip brush in warm soapy water, and than use cold water to rinse clean

    Use tissue to sop up the lip brush.Finally put it on the dry towel to dry.

3. Can not use blower to dry, or put it under the sun to dry, because you may hurt it.

4. After washing clean, can use protect hair cream to rinse it again, it will make the brush more soft.