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Mojito Sugar Smoother

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How do you get a radiant glow?  You have to remove those dead skin cells. Mojito Sugar Smoother brings together organic sugar cane crystals for banishing dead skin; fruit oil that is effective for mature skin; rich humectant for protecting the skin; marine ingredients high in minerals; and clay, all topped off with mint leaves (of course). So succulent... Close your mouth, you're drooling.

Exfoilate & Nurture

- Mojito Sugar Smoother contains an ample amount of conditioning oil. A scrub should have enough oil to replenish and soothe the skin after exfoliating.  After exfoliating the skin, continue to soak in the tub, allowing the oils to nurture your skin.   Now that's a spa-at-home moment.

With its bathroom-friendly packaging, Mojito Sugar Smoother can be used in the tub . Our recipe is formulated to give you less slip in the tub.

  • Paraben free.  Formaldehyde free.


Ingredients: (Organic) Sugar, Grape Seed Oil,Castor Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Clay, Sea Mineral, Cyclomethicone

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