Luxury Beauty Boutique
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About us

Melanated Rich Luxury Beauty Boutique started as a concept to redefine the meaning of black beauty. It has grown to mean so much more! Here we have created a unique distribution channel for black owned and manufactured beauty products.

As a entertainer  and artist the owner always has been a lover of fashion and cosmetics but was dissatisfied of how she was treated upon entering some beauty supply stores. So she decided to create her own brand of intimate beauty boutiques that will provide the products and customer service quality that all deserve to fulfill their beauty care needs.

Our products are handpicked for the woman or man, for you and with you in mind. We have accessories in the trendiest fashions, makeup in the latest colors and pigments, skin care to correspond with common issues such as moisture, firming, correcting fine-lines, uneven skin tone, dark circles or wrinkles and hair care to make your own statement!

So welcome to the Rich Life you are beautifully MELANATED


combining form

Definition of melan-(prefix) meaning:

1:  black :  dark <melanic> <melanin>

It comes from the Greek "melas", black